Meet Katalyst Kampus owner, Kathy Kemper Zanck.

Why, when, and how Katalyst Kampus was born and why only 1 out of 5 newbies make it.

Kathy Kemper-Zanck

Owner and Founder

Kathy Kemper-Zanck is the Founder, CEO and Owner of Katalyst Kampus, a nationwide and 100% online Mortgage and Business School. With her mission to continually impact the lives of thousands of new mortgage professionals, Kemper-Zanck is making drastic changes in the lending world with a long-overdue educational system to train the up-and-coming in the business. Her voice is shaking up the mortgage industry in a push for training and mentoring programs that generate a healthy conduit which brings new blood into this burgeoning business.

She is proving with Katalyst Kampus that the solution to graduating successful mortgage professionals is to provide a fun, exciting and engaging mortgage educational school, coupled with an in-house mentoring program. Current statistics suggest that ONE in FIVE mortgage brokers “make it” in the industry. Her online mortgage school is financially accessible to all, comprehensive and is the answer to helping the mortgage industry successfully grow their mortgage departments. In addition they will have an effective marketing and recruiting asset and reduce employee turn-over; rescuing immeasurable wasted hours. Katalyst Kampus is also pioneering a unique training program for mentoring new mortgage professionals to expedite success for individuals and companies nationwide.

As a philanthropist, Kathy Kemper-Zanck provides a steady stream of funding to three service organizations. Kathy was a Rotarian for many years and still supports Rotary International, which finances dozens of local, regional, state, national, and worldwide programs. Another organization near and dear to Kathy is Ten Friends, which provides water filters, education, bunk-beds, sanitation stations, and educational scholarships to children in Nepal. This non-profit was started by two of Kathy’s co-worker-teacher-friends that have dedicated their hard-earned summers to trekking in Nepal. During their visits, they saw these basic needs and chose to come back to their home town of Sisters, Oregon, and ask the community for support to make that corner of the world a better place. Hands down, the town backed Ten Friends with overwhelming support and has for over 10 years. Kathy’s third philanthropic mission is to help her local school district provide students with MORE. Every school in the country needs and deserves more. How America funds schools is not working and every little bit helps, so, Kathy is on a mission to assist in keeping and expanding the specialized courses that excite and engage our children.

Last but not least, Kathy Kemper-Zanck is happily married to Gary Zanck. They live in Oregon and have two children. Professionally, Kathy worked as a teacher for nine years and a mortgage broker for ten, giving her the perfect resume to teach new mortgage brokers what it takes to be successful. When she is not working, she enjoys white-water rafting, snow and water skiing, gardening, working out, cooking with her “chef-like” husband, entertaining, and traveling to warm locations. The six life-events she is most proud of are rafting the Grand Canyon (and, yes, she rowed it herself); being chosen for one of the coveted Family Ford Foundation scholarships; completing her master’s degree; becoming a mother to a sweet, polite, and talented young man; being the founder and community leader to raise over $28,000 to install one of the few 18 hole-disc golf courses in the Northwest; and through it all, becoming financially successful.

“I get as excited about the level of giving I am going to provide our world through Katalyst Kampus, as I am about the success I know the school will have.” -KKZ


A portion of our proceeds are donated to these outstanding organizations.