Do you need to train mortgage brokers or loan officers?

Future Mortgage Professional

Do you want to become or have you recently been hired to be a
mortgage broker,loan officer, processor, or underwriter and need a quality
training program to attain the skills required for success?

Business Affiliate

Do you want to earn passive income?  It’s simple.

The Life of a Mortgage Broker

Katalyst Kampus for Mortgage Companies & Professionals

Create a lasting, profitable impact on your business. We teach the basics of mortgages from A-Z to mortgage professionals and companies who want to improve their skills and increase profitability.

Training Courses For Mortgage Companies

For Mortgage Companies

Retain Talent, Boost Performance, & Accelerate Production
Katalyst Kampus improves the skills of new loan officers and raises the performance of your current talent – we empower your employees and give them every tool they need to generate success for your business.
Online Training For Mortgage Professionals

For Mortgage Professionals

Earn More, Work Less
Learn how to incorporate your mortgage career into your life and not the other way around. We will help any “newbie” mortgage broker become more successful in their career faster (which means earning more while working less!)


Katalyst Kampus For Business Affiliates

For Business Affiliates

Earn Passive Income
Partnering with Katalyst Kampus may be the easiest money you can make. With your help, we’ll help thousands of individuals and companies THRIVE in this industry. You could be their saving grace with the introduction of Katalyst Kampus – Your Mortgage School.



“Katalyst Kampus was my conduit to a new career. The training was easily accessible, spot-on, and very entertaining.
I got a job in the industry three months after I purchased the course, my first loan was a $700,000 purchase
and I even landed it my second week on the job.”

– Shelly G


Kathy’s course is fantastic and jam-packed with helpful info that I was able to learn at my pace. I’m excited to wrap up the course and get to work, but I’ve also really enjoyed the learning process. The flexibility of this course is the reason I signed up. I’m very confident that when I start working, my learning curve will be way less intense, allowing me to make more money, faster! Thanks Kathy!

– Josh G.


KK teaches you how to actually originate loans. Whenever I had a question, it was answered. This was invaluable becuae most experienced Los are also, so busy originating their loans, or may not know how to teach well. Kathy is a true treasure in the mortgage industry. Take the course and shave of your learning curve.

– Kadonna B.


I have enjoyed the training – I am new to the industry and think everyone should begin their learning with Katalyst Kampus. The lessons are detailed, and the “homework” is a fun challenge. This program, I believe, will help me become the loan officer I strive to be, thank you.

– Lavale K

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