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Welcome to Your Mortgage School. You are considering entering the mortgage industry. Before you jump in, make sure you watch the videos available at Katalyst Kampus, talk with professionals in the industry, and please make sure to e-mail us with any questions you have.

The content of my school will include and go FAR beyond the required knowledge needed to put together quality loans. We’ll cover:

  • Calculating income
  • Various loan programs from a 900 ft. view
  • How to read credit reports, appraisals and sales contracts and
  • What makes up Debt-to-Income ratios
  • Tools for success
  • Problem solving tips
  • How to create short-cuts and efficiencies
  • How to put systems in place for X, Y and Z
  • How to fine-tune a productive database
  • Create marketing that will help you KILL it
  • How to streamline your day, your loans, and your life to create more TIME for you, your friends and your family.

There will be dozens of usable downloadables that can be modified or referred to as needed. Katalyst Kampus will include a wide variety of advice and quality information from other seasoned and successful mortgage brokers, appraisers, realtors, credit experts, and from many others in the industry.

This school is THE conduit for any newbie entering the mortgage industry.

“Own Your Future” – Kathy Kemper-Zanck

Becoming a Mortgage Professional: Why I love it and what you'll learn from Katalyst Kampus-Your Mortgage school to jumpstart your new career.

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